The short story “Clerk Wanted” by Dennis Thorp has only three characters. The main character is Desmond, who pretends to be the manager in his interaction with Eric Colshaw, the candidate. However, Desmond turns out to be an accounts clerk in the company where Eric Colshaw wants to get hired. Eric Colshaw turns up for the job interview, but instead of meeting Mr Winfield, he meets Desmond who is rude to him. The third character in the story is Mr Winfield, Desmond’s boss, who is looking for an accounts clerk to replace Desmond.

The main conflict in the narrative is between Desmond and Eric Colshaw, caused by Desmond’s purposefully rude behavior. However, we can assume a conflict also existed between Mr Winfield and Desmond, to explain why Mr Winfield is looking for a new accounts clerk. 

You can read a full characterization of Desmond and Eric Colshaw in the following pages.