Theme and message


Power relations

The theme of power relations is illustrated in the short story “Brackley and the Bed” by Samuel Selvon through the interactions between Teena and Brackley. While Brackley tries to maintain his authority when Teena comes to London, he gives into her from the start. Although, at first, he argues with her and tells her she should not have come, he then “find himself holding onto Teena’s suitcase” (p. 229, ll. 31-32) while they are heading for his apartment.

While Brackley argues with her, Teena does not back down and ignores Brackley’s attempts to intimidate her: “ ‘You ruling England now? The Queen abdicate?’ ” (p. 229, l. 25). This ironic attitude will persist when they reach Brackley’s apartment and Brackley tries to protest something Teena does. Furthermore, she insists that Brackley wake up early and get a job, she tidies up his apartment without askin...

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