Literary perspective

The short story “Brackley and the Bed” by Samuel Selvon can be seen as an example of postcolonial literature. Postcolonial literature is literature by writers from former colonies, who try to regain their own voices and draw attention to their own culture. In “Brackley and the Bed”, the main characters are from Tobago and the short story highlights their national identity.

Postcolonial literature also brings into discussion the status of former colonies. In “Brackley and the Bed”, the main character goes to England in search of a better life. The Colonial Office is also mentioned and it is suggested that, although it was supposed to help immigrants settle in England, it was actually influenced by corruption.

“Brackley and the Bed” is also part of a type of postcolonial literature known as Caribbean literature, which focuses on the Caribbean territories – such as Tobago. Sometimes Caribbean literature is written in a specific dialect. “Brackley and the Bed” uses a unique type of style of language that echoes the Anglo-Caribbean way of talking, both in the dialogue and in the narrative.

Other works

The short story “Good Advice is Rarer Than Rubies” by Salman Rushdie also deals with the topic of immigration. In this story, the main character is trying to avoid going to England to join her fiancé because she enjoys the independent life she leads in Pakistan. Like Teena in “Brackley and the Bed”, the main character in “Good Advice is Rarer Than Rubies” uses her cleverness to achieve her goal....

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