Samuel Selvon’s short story “Brackley and the Bed” follows a traditional, chronological structure, presenting events that take place over the course of several weeks. The story is centered around the external conflict between Brackley and Teena. The entire story – with the exception of the first fragment -  is actually a flashback which explains the events that take place before the moment Brackley is looking for a place to rest his “weary bones” (p. 229, l.2). 

The beginning of the story presents two foreshadowing elements. Brackley’s thoughtful mood foreshadows Teena’s arrival. The story also adds that readers will find out “the reason why the boys begin to call him Rockabye” (p. 239, l. 3). This foreshadows Teena taking control over Brackley’s life, as well as Brackley giving up his bed to her and sle...

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