Physical setting

The short story “Barckley and the Bed” by Samuel Selvon takes place in London, England. The time setting seems to be contemporary to when the story was written, in the 1950s. This can be determined from the mention of “shillings” (p. 230, l.7) and the Colonial Office (p. 229, l. 28), which lasted until 1966. During that time, many Caribbean people emigrated to Britain.

Brackley’s home in Tobago is mentioned several times. Brackley suggests life in Tobago is not easy (p. 229, l. 6), and he decides to move to London. However, Brackley mentions to Teena that “ ‘money don’t grow on trees here as in Tobago’ ” (p. 230, l. 13). This could be a way of getting Teena to return. Alternatively, it could also mean that life is not easy in London either, especially not for immigrants.

Brackley’s apartment is an important part of the physical setting. This is Brackley’s personal space, upon which Teena int...

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