Style of writing

Samuel Selvon’s short story “Brackley and the Bed” has a unique style of language that provides authenticity and seems to address the readers directly: “The reason for that, and the reason why the boys begin to call him Rockabye, you will find out as the ballad goes on” (p.229, ll.2-4). This gives the reader the impression that the narrator is telling the story directly to them. 

The style of language in the narration is informal, with non-standard grammatical structures. For example: “Brackley hail from Tobago, which part they have it to say Robinson Crusoe used to hang out with Man Friday” (p. 229, ll. 5-6) or “he have a feeling this girl would make botheration if she come to England” (p. 229, ll. 14-15). The same language is used in the dialogue: “ ‘You better go easy with them rations,’ he say. ‘I not working now and money don’t grow on...

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