Teena is an important character in Samuel Selvon’s short story “Brackley and the Bed”. Her relationship with Brackley drives the plot forward. While Brackley is a passive character, Teena is an active one. She does not hesitate to take charge of the situation as soon as she arrives in England. 

Teena’s outer characterization reveals only that she is from Tobago and is “a distant cousin” (p. 229, l. 10) of Brackley’s. When she arrives in London, she does not have work, but, at the end of the story, she claims she will start looking for a job sometime in the future (p. 232, l. 34). Teena can cook in “real West Indian fashion” (p. 230, l. 16-17).

Teena’s inner characterization is more important to the story. Teena is mostly described through her words and actions and through her attitude towards Brackley. Firstly, Teena appears to be quick-t...

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