Brackley is the main character in the short story “Brackley and the Bed” by Samuel Selvon. Brackley’s outer characterization reveals that he is from Tobago (p. 229, l.5), although he is living in London during the events of the story. He has an aunt and a distant cousin named Teena. At the beginning of the story, he does not have a job, but eventually, he starts washing dishes in a cafe (p. 231, l. 27). He lives in Golders Green p. 229, ll. 32-33) in a one-room apartment that has only one bed. He enjoys playing rummy with his friends (p. 231, l. 34).

Brackley is a passive character who allows others to influence him and control his life. While his decision to leave Tobago for England shows he can be resourceful, his next actions point to his unwillingness to make a real effort. 

There are also hints that Brackley i...

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