An analysis of the short story “Brackley and the Bed” by Samuel Selvon shows that it mainly follows a chronological plot structure. The focus is on the external conflict between Teena and Brackley, as well as on Brackley’s own internal conflict.

The main characters are Brackley and Teena. Brackley is mostly a passive character who rarely tries to influence the events around him, while Teena usually takes action.

The physical setting of the story is London, England, probably around the time the story was written. Tobago is mentioned several times. The social setting explores immigration and gender roles. 

The story is told by a limited third-person narrator. The narrator has access only to Brackley’s thoughts and feelings. 

The language is informal, using non-standard grammatical structures in both narrative and dialogue. The informal style gives readers the impression the narrator is telling the story directly to them.

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