Criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement

The BLM movement has also been criticized for many reasons, including by some activists involved in the movement.

Firstly, at its beginning, BLM was said to be a temporary movement that would soon fade away. Critics said that the lack of hierarchy and structure in the movement would be unfavorable to its efforts and that its inability to check who joins the movement would lead to its demise. However, the movement grew and lasted, showing that BLM activists are determined to change how black people are treated in the US and worldwide.

BLM has been blamed for contributing to the worsening of race relations and for creating further tension between the African-American community and the police. When some of the protests turned violent, even some supporters of the movement came forward asking for the unrest to stop, out of fear it would eventually hurt the community.

Because BLM’s protests largely target police brutality, BLM has bee...

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