Putting apartheid into perspective

South Africa after apartheid

The troubles of South Africa were not over when apartheid ended. Mandela’s new government (1994-1999) was faced with an enormous foreign debt and a raging epidemic of HIV/AIDS throughout the country (requiring expensive treatment and creating many orphans dependant on state care), both of which had very negative effects on the economy.

Despite apartheid having formally ended, South Africa still suffers from significant class differences between members of different ethnicities, with the white minority continuing to have the best jobs and the highest income. As a whole South Africa is still one of the richest nations in Africa, though, and the World Bank counts it as a newly industrialised country.

Politically, the ANC has experienced a number of scandals after apartheid, despite remaining in power since 1994. Most recently former President Jacob Zuma was accused of corruption numerous times and was subject to numerous unsuccessful attempts to remove him from...

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