Engelsk Novelle: World War II - Tentamen

Oppgaven er kvalitetssikret av redaksjonen på Studienett.no
  • Ungdomsskolen 9. klasse
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Engelsk Novelle: World War II - Tentamen

Engelsk tentamen i 10.trinn, handler om en vennskapshistorie under 2.verdenskrig.

Oppgaven var "write a story that takes place during the World War II from a child's perspective."


"The Peace Bracelet

I’m living a rather calm and satisfying life now.

I have my own happy family, close friends, a job that I like and a goal to live up to.

Everyone around me seems to think that my life is more than perfect, but there were occasionally those long nights caused by insomnia when I can’t help but remember every single scene from my childhood in the war time, just like a movie playback.

I still vividly remember everything from the war as though it all happened yesterday..."... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Engelsk Novelle: World War II - Tentamen

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