The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | Filmanalyse

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | Filmanalyse

Her finner du en filmanalyse av filmen "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" av Ben Stiller fra 2013.

Analysen beskriver kort hva filmen filmen handler om, og de viktigste hendelsene gjennom filmen. Sammen med de forskjellige hendelsene så drøfter forfatteren meningen bak de tingene som hovedpersonen gjør, og begrunnelsen for handlingene hans.


We are all daydreaming from time to time, but Walter Mitty is extremely dreaming extremely. He is dreaming of his life, he thinks he is a hero to impress the woman he is in love with. He was a sad, lonely and gray man who worked for the company LIFE. He lived in the past and did not want to look forward to the future. However, a sadness, it did not stop Walter Mitty in the end.

I want to say Walter Mitty is gray. He is gray because he is sad and lonely. He usually goes in gray clothes and a metallic gray suit on his hand. He was very solitary and incredibly good at producing, it was he who had to look through, and get everything done perfectly before it came to the people. He worked for the company LIFE, which produced magazines about heroes, something Walter Mitty looked up to. The company was on its way to its end, a new boss took over and the last magazine was to be produced. It should be Sean O'Connell's favorite who would come up with a new story, problems encountered during the road. This created problems for Walter Mitty who also made him more demand for himself, he had to perform more and go down his... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | Filmanalyse

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