The Hunger Games av Suzanne Collins | English analysis

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Romananalyse: The Hunger Games av Suzanne Collins | English analysis

Her har du en romananalyse på engelsk av "The Hunger Games", skrevet av Suzanne Collins. Oppgaven redegjør for forfatterens bakgrunn og legger frem et handlingsreferat. I analysen ses det nærmere på romanens karakterer, tema og budskap. Analysen avsluttes med en personlig evaluering av boken.


The Hunger Games is written by Suzanne Collins, and published in 2008 by Scholastic Press.
Collins is a novelist, born in Hartford, US, in 1962. Her father was a military officer, serving in the Vietnam War. This gave her a lot of inspiration to write, and today The Hunger Games is her most notable work, although she has also written a series of books called The Underland Chronicles. The Hunger Games trilogy has also been adapted to four feature-length films.

The Hunger Games belongs mainly to the young adult fiction genre, as is evident by themes of adolescence, as well as the protagonist, along with most of the main cast being mainly adolescent. A secondary genre is dystopian science fiction, characterised by a dark vision of the future, one with an oppressive government and futuristic technology.

The novel is set in the fictional nation of “Panem”: a near-future, post-apocalyptic dictatorship that spans most of North America. It is ruled by an oppressive, classist government that has divided the nation into twelve districts, serving as national work-forces to create products for the nation's Capi-tol: the richest of the rich. Each year, the Capitol takes one male and one female teenager from each district, and places them in the “Hunger Games”: a televised death-match between these 24 teenag-ers where the last one standing is crowned a victor.
The Capitol is heavily modelled on Ancient Rome... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

The Hunger Games av Suzanne Collins | English analysis

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