The Apology to the Native Peoples by the United States | Essay

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The Apology to the Native Peoples by the United States | Essay

Dette er en tentamensbesvarelse i Engelsk fellesfag fra våren 2016. Oppgaven inneholder to besvarelser. Oppgave 1 er et kortsvar som gikk ut på å skrive en avisartikkel om en gitt hendelse, i dette tilfellet en bilulykke. Oppgave 2 er et lengre essay som dreier seg om USAs manglende unnskyldning til de innfødte.


“The apology to the Native Peoples by the United States is long overdue”

The United States needs to realize that they cannot keep glossing over the past. The Congress needs to recognize the painful and sad chapters of the shared history. Native Americans still live in the United States today, there is more about 2.5 million of them and combined they can speak more than 100 different languages. So yes, they are still around. We have not entirely killed them off, but we were close too. The battles and massacres at places like Wounded Knee and Sand Creek, they cannot go unnoticed into the future. Because, if a simple apology for the Native People of America, if that cannot be made, we will never move forward. Even though no statement can undo the damages done or the battles fought, the apology is a principle that both can and will guide our future. We have to learn about the past, the lessons of history if we want to move forward into the future.
Today the U.S government have pledged to protect all of it citizens, just like George Washington promised the Natives during the American Revolution. But yet, the same Nation that promised that, engaged to war for seizing more of the Indian lands and build a bigger empire. We killed their great leaders, Osceola, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and many, many more. So we have to show them that our leaders is worthy to protect them, by apologizing for the past. How can we gain their trust if we cannot say sorry for what have happened before, and can happen again today.

Thousands died when they were forced to march from their homelands into the unknown, they were not prepared for the cold winters or the predators they met. This we have to learn from, we have to teach this to the young people of America. They are the future, and if we cannot teach them about the past and show them how to deal with big mistakes, then what is there left? We have to honor the Native Americans, see the importance of them... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

The Apology to the Native Peoples by the United States | Essay

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