Sula av Toni Morrison

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Romananalyse: Sula av Toni Morrison

I denne oppgaven finner du en analyse, et sammendrag og en anmeldelse av romanen "Sula" fra 1973 den amerikanske forfatteren Toni Morrison. Hele oppgaven er skrevet på engelsk.


Sula was published in 1973, and it is Toni Morrison's second book. It received critical acclaim and it was nominated for a National Book Award. Ms Morrison is an American writer who has published eleven novels with intimate portrayals of the black population in the USA. She has won numerous prices for her literature, and in 1993 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her most recent book, God help the child was published in 2015.

Sula takes place in Medallion in Ohio. The white population of Medallion lives at the bottom of the land, which is referred to as the top, while the African-Americans live up in the hills, but it is referred to as the bottom. I believe Toni Morrison did this on purpose, to emphasise the social differences between the races.

The novel is written in the third person. This allows the reader to get to know several characters and their thoughts deeper and more accurate than if it was told in first person. Sula is divided in two parts, and each part contains several chapters. There is a lot of jumping in time, since each chapter is titled by the year of focus. When we reach a new year, we get to explore a character or a character dynamic to its fullest extend... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Sula av Toni Morrison

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