Stiftelsesdokument av bedrift på engelsk

Oppgaven er kvalitetssikret av redaksjonen på
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Stiftelsesdokument av bedrift på engelsk

Oppgaven er et stiftelsesdokument på engelsk som ble skrevet og underskrevet i en prosjektoppgave i markedsføring og ledelse, der det skulle startes en bedrift. I samarbeid med organisasjonen Work of Blessing ble det startet et prosjekt i Kenya, og dette er stiftelsesdokumentet for institusjonen.

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Dere har oppnådd et svært godt resultat i deres prosjekt, og stiftelsesdokumentet er godt skrevet og et sikkert, omfattende dokument. Noen skrivefeil.


Audience and objectives
Objectives of the Centre
- Orphanage
- Elderly Home
- Youth Service
- Health Center
- Workshops and Courses
- Workshops for Women
- Training and Health
- Fruits, plants and tenants
- Study for those living in the center
- A differeny holiday
Organization and partners
Progress plan
What is important for us to be successful?


Dear family! God bless you all! I have put together a project plan to try to collect now on the thoughts and dreams we have for Kenya, Norway and the World through this vision we have got!
This document is primarily for us involved in the Norwegian group of Women and children trail, Pastor Rasim Loiso with his wife involved in Kenya, as well as group Naretoy and my father Odd Arvid. Additionally, it will be shown to our immediate managers , mentors and those who may have something useful to say. We hope that you will send back a report with thoughts on the project plan, and what should be changed before we move on with the project. What was good and should be emphasized even more? What should we change? What should we remove? What should we add? Be free to say what you have on your mind! Sincerely Andrea Nashipae

19,7% of Kenya's population lives in extreme poverty with less than $1 a day (2005). Despite the new law banning female genital mutilation still up to 85% of Masai girls are subject to FGM (female genital mutilation). Women, who due to their gender have not been educated and have been abandoned by the man, have no ability to provide for their children or send them to school. Old and sick people are not entitled to social support and living in unacceptable conditions. These are just... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Stiftelsesdokument av bedrift på engelsk

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