Selvskrevet sang

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  • Ungdomsskolen 9. klasse
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Dikt: Selvskrevet sang

Selvskrevet sang på engelsk. sangen er skrevet til engelsk på 9. trinn på ungdomsskolen og er en kjærlighetssang på engelsk.


This is my song to you, babyboo,
do you remember the night I picked you up at the night,
watch you so tight, yeah baby you ma gangster girl,
you always down for what I do,
you always give me hope for me and you,
look at what I gonna be, I take you up to the star with me,
baby I am married to the street, I need you by my side,
you know I wanna be witch ya, you know I wanna kiss ya,
you say you like me, I hope it gett deeper,
you ditch me for another guy, relax I don't say that means goodby,
when you was up in the mounten, called you everyday,
said that I miss you in every way, sitting home and waiting on you,
you was giving me a answar if you was the one I gonna give my love to,
I said I can give you love from head to tow, just because you know what I go low fo,
even you was so far, I felt you so near,
I said I see you in the star,
you kiss tru the phone, and said people her know ho we are,
babygirl I am a upcoming star, and I need a girl that know ho I real are,... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Selvskrevet sang

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