Nudes | Short story

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Nudes | Short story

Her har du en novelle skrevet på engelsk med tittelen "Nudes". Novellen handler om Gary som er forelsket i Julie, og som er desperat etter å få hennes oppmerksomhet. Oppgaven som besvares her lyder som følger:

Use the writing frame and write the story. Give your story a suitable title.
1. Gary is in love with Julie and desperate for her attention.
2. Julie and her friends ignore him, as do most other people.
3. Julie and her friends ignore him, as do most other people.
4. It does not go according to plan...

Lærers kommentar

You have written a good story and shown that you master the genre. The language is good as well as the grammar. You describe the surroundings and have a twist at the end. Well done!


Gary felt his heart skip a beat as Trevor slammed his locker behind him. “Staring at Julie again? Come on dude, you're not even anywhere close to her league!” Gary just stood there realizing Trevor was right, he didn't stand a chance against the quarterback or any of the other football players. “I guess you're right…”, he mumbled as he put his books back in his locker.

As the bell rang marking the end of the school day, everyone rushed the doors. Except Gary and Julie. He thought to himself that this would be the perfect opportunity to make her notice him. But as usual with his luck, he got interrupted by Julies squad. The girls walked out the classroom leaving Gary all alone as usual.

On his way home he got an idea. If she doesn't notice him at school with all the distractions, maybe she will respond online. After all its spring break, he has the time... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Nudes | Short story

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