Native Americans in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee | Essay

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Native Americans in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee | Essay

Her har du et essay omhandlende filmen "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" regissert av Yves Simoneau. Essayet redegjør for handlingen i filmen, som i hovedsak handler om historien til indianerne i den amerikanske vesten på 1860- og 1870-tallet. I essayet greies det ut om filmens tema og i tillegg gis det eksempler på hvordan emnet uttrykkes. Avsluttende legges det frem en vurdering av verket.


The film “Bury My Heart at Wounded knee” is a drama film which is based on a book from 1970 of the same name. The film was produced in 2007, in USA, by Yves Simoneau and it lasts 132 minutes. This film is played by Aiden Quinn, Adam Beach, August Schellenberg and Anna Paquin. It is about the fight between Native American (Indians) and the white American. The film tells us the history of a Native American group. This group is Sioux. They lose their rights to live like they want, and like they have learned to live by their ancestors.

The film tells us about the horrible massacre that happened in Pine Ridge. In the Pine Ridge was living a group of Indians (in a reservation). The United states government forced them to live as the white American, that means to restore their religion, culture, and their way to live. This politics was known by assimilation. The film follows two protagonists. One of them called Ohiyesa, later known as Charles Eastman. This boy is a victim of assimilation. The another one who is playing in the film is one of the biggest leaders of the Native Americans. This man is Sitting Bull. As we fallow him in the film, we might understand that he is the man who fights for the rights of the Indians.

In the beginning of the film we see two Indian children by the river who hear a sound in the forest, and go to investigate it. They see soldiers wearing blue jackets and guns. The Indian boys start running and the soldiers begin to shoot at them. One of the boys got shot and died. The other boy begins to run to their settlement, Little Big Horn Valley.

This boy is Ohiyesa, so Charles Eastman. He is a prime example of what the white Americans consider successful integration and expect the Natives to behave. He has a difficult life both as a Native and white American. In the film, we can see that his father takes him to become a good American Christian with education. Before to start in the school, he must cut his hair and dress new clothes (American style). In the classroom, Ohiyesa, must have a Christian name. He has no right to answer the teacher`s questions before he gets the Christian name... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Native Americans in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee | Essay

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