Lord of the Flies | Sammenligning av bok og film

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Lord of the Flies | Sammenligning av bok og film

Denne oppgaven inneholder en sammenligning av boken "Lord of the Flies" av William Golding og filmen "Lord of the Flies" av Peter Brook. Her finner du et sammendrag av innholdet. I tillegg sammenlignes boken og filmen, og det ses nærmere på likheter og ulikheter ved de to verkene.

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Very very good! Well done. No doubt top mark! But if I am to be picky, you could do some more work on your introduction and conclusion. Try to add a bit more flesh to the bone.

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I have read the book and seen the movie (1963) Lord of the Flies. It is written by William Golding in 1954 and has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. In this essay I am going to analyse and take a deeper look into the story.

Long story short, several school children were evacuating from England. Their plane crashed on an unexplored island, and there were no adults who survived. The children had to create their own little society and make up their own rules. After some time, savagery and bloodlust started to grow inside of each little child. At the end every single one except a group of three had given themselves into the less civilised part of human nature.

The main characters are very different. They all symbolise different things, but the author also shows that they all share the same darkness inside.

Ralph is a fair haired boy, who appeared to me as a bit skinny but athletic at the same time. To me he appears as a perfect leader, and early he is elected as the leader. He represents order and civilisation, which the author refers to as ‘'the good'' in this novel. Ralph is throughout the story holding on to his idea of being rescued and does everything he can to fulfil this. He attempts to build up a little civilisation with the boys on the island, by creating rules and lighting up a fire. But soon he got to experience what isolation and disorder can do to an innocent child... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Lord of the Flies | Sammenligning av bok og film

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