Imagine a Perfect World | Essay

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Imagine a Perfect World | Essay

Dette er et essay som handler om den perfekte verden. Essayet forklarer hvordan en perfekt verden ville sett ut i skribentens øyne. Det tar opp politikk, samfunnsliv og velferd. Målet med teksten var ikke bare å skape en drømmeverden, men også diskutere hvordan denne verdenen kan oppnås.

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Impressive, both as to content and language. I believe a couple of verbs/verb forms ought to be changed. Some of your sentences could possibly also have been simplified a little. There are a few of them that are really complex. But your mastery of English is very good for your age. No doubt about that!


The world is shit, they say nowadays, but can anyone remember the last time the world apparently wasn't so shit, or falling apart, or in turmoil et cetera. Did anyone ever turn around and say: “Well you know, the world isn't so bad after all…” or have these people all been burnt to the stake? If anyone were to go now, turn on any News-channel and watch for five minutes, they will hear about Ebola, a questionable Putin, terrorist bombings everywhere, rape, assault, murder and so on. “The Perfect World” is an idea that's always been hiding just beneath the horizon to most people it seems; a dawn to shatter this shitty night of ours. A sunrise that never seems to come, true enough, but the silver lining has always been there, hasn't it?

Everyone would like to see a perfect world. The problem is that everyone has their vision of a perfect world, some more aggressive than others... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Imagine a Perfect World | Essay

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