Health care in the USA - is it working? | Artikkel

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Article: Health care in the USA - is it working? | Artikkel

Dette er en artikkel skrevet i Engelsk fellesfag omhandlende helsesystemet i USA. Her finner du en forklaring av helsesystemet i USA, samt en sammenligning med andre lands helsesystemer, som Norges. I tillegg diskuteres det om systemet fungerer i praksis. Artikkelen bruker informasjon fra dokumentarfilmen "Sicko" av Michael Moore.

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This was a very wellwritten article where you show and use knowledge based on statistics and the movie + give sources- being critical and trustworthy. Improvements in language are to write more coherent and grammatically correct sentences.


Healthcare in USA is very different from other countries like Canada or Norway. There are companies that sell insurances that you can buy in case you get sick or hurt. Does this system actually work or is it a scam just to make money?

Firstly, healthcare is a way to buy incurrence for yourself. You search for the different healthcare companies and choose the one that fits you the best. The top three most used companies are UnitedHealth, Kaiser Foun and Wellpoint. The reason people buy health insurance is in case they get sick or end up in an accident. For example, if two people ends up in an accident and got the exact same damages. One of them has insurance and the other one doesn't. The insurance company will pay for the damages for the guy with insurance, the other one has to pay for himself. So you should pay for it, if you can afford it, but that's the problem. Health insurance is a good idea; however, it isn't working as well as it could be. The problem with health insurance is that poor people can't afford it, they have to use their money on things like food and water to survive. According to NBCnews the average cost of health insurance is around 4,500 $ a year, there are cheaper and also more expensive ones, but that's the average. Anyways Health insurance prevent many deaths daily and also fix smaller stuff like a broken arm and other damages. According to the healthcare in USA increases the average lifetime of an American by 3,5 years every decade and it's still going up.

In Norway, the health system is very different from USA... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Health care in the USA - is it working? | Artikkel

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