Gran Torino | Filmanalyse

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Gran Torino | Filmanalyse

Dette er en filmanalyse av "Gran Torino" regissert av Clint Eastwood. Oppgaven starter med å gi deg opplysninger om Koreakrigen, Hmong folket, og regissøren, Clint Eastwood. Følgende gis du et sammendrag av handlingen i filmen, før analysen beveger seg inn på filmens karakterer. Dessuten ses det her nærmere på hva som kan være temaet og budskapet i "Gran Torino", og avsluttende legges det frem en personlige anmeldelse av filmen.


Facts 2
Korean war 2
Hmong people 3
Director 3
First Impression 4
Summary: 4
Thao Vang Lor 6
Sue Lor 6
Tema/Bodskap 7
Quotes 7
My opinion 9
Symbolikk 10
Ending 10
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The movie Gran Torino was Produced, directed and starred by Clint Eastwood. The movie is a drama genre. It had a budget of 33 million dollars and were released in 27.03.09 in Norway. The movie is rated as the top 150 movie of all time on IMDB. It was also nominated to a Golden Globe in 2009 for best original song. It won 20 awards and had 17 other nominations.

Korean war
The Korean war started in 1950, but it roots back a little further. Directly after World War 2 USA and Russia were in conflict over politics. Russia tried to get everybody to follow the communistic way, and USA wanted everybody to follow the democratic way. This ended up in e power fight between the two. They started a cold war. That means they had a «war» between them, but no directly fighting, just tension. However, they started a lot of others wars.

UN stated in 1948 that there was no way to unite the country. In 1950 North Korea attacked South Korea, with the support of China. South Korea had the support of USA and UN. It came out that the Soviet had pushed North Korea to attack and unite the whole country. In the North Russia had built an army of 135000 men, the South only had 98000 men and were outnumbered. In the first attack most of South Korean army were on vacation. The North lead the war until the south with the help of UN and USA pushed back. This resulted in a «tie». Circa 2 million civilians, 1,5 million North Korans military, 400000 South Koreans military and 30000 Americans died in this war.

This war still makes tension between the South and the North. In 2005 there still weren't a peace agreement. And North Korea is the most corrupt country in the world, and one of the most dangerous places to live.

Hmong people
The Hmong people originates from the Yellow River Valley in China. They were first identified in 3000 B.C. In the 1800- they begin to move to Indochina. In 1840s the majority of the people migrate to Laos. In 1957 Americans begin training them. In 1960 a “secret war” begins, that is a civil war. After a while the Americans withdrew and the massacring of Hmong people begins immediately. The Hmong people became refugees and started to run to USA.

With a carrier that have lasted over half a century in television to movies and stocks of prizes. Clint Eastwood have established himself as one of the biggest and most respected actor and director the world has ever seen.

In his early years he did a lot of western movies and became the face of macho men and were and movie badass.

Clint Eastwood have a river of movies to choose from as his best, but some actually agree it's his work in the lead of the movie “Million-dollar baby” as his best ever.

The fact that he still makes movies as a director, last one released in 09.09.2016 says a lot. If you count in that he is 86 years old!

First Impression
My first impression of the movie was that it was moving and strong. An old man that has a lot of trauma. He just wants to be left alone and be at peace at his last days... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Gran Torino | Filmanalyse

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