Facts - Canada, Malta, USA, New Zealand and Jamaica

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Facts - Canada, Malta, USA, New Zealand and Jamaica

Oppgaven er skrevet på engelsk og inneholder informasjon om landene Canada, Malta, USA, New Zealand og Jamaica, der vi får vite om tradisjoner og lignende.

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Canada has an area of 9 984 670 square kilometers, and has a population of 33 487 208. Canada borders only with the country the United States. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. If the clock is 12 in Norway is only 06.00 in Ottawa. They use Canadian dollars. They have national day 1 July, and the national song is O Canada. Canada has a good nature, with high mountains. Their religion is Christian.

It is said that for about 3000 years ago, people came to Canada using a bridge between Siberia and Alaska. Canada was populated by different indigenous peoples, who were dependent on the environment. They lived in nomads, or in permanent settlements, who were hunters, fishermen or farmers.

The first contact between Indians and Europeans occurred for about 1000 years ago. It happened when the Norwegians from Iceland settled in Newfoundland.
Before Canada had its own constitution, it was whites who ruled there. They gained ...



Malta consists of six islands. The largest island is called Gozo, Malta and Comino, while the three small islands called Corminotto, Filfla and St.Paul. The largest is occupied and the smallest is uninhabited. Malta is the largest island, which are about 27 km long and 14 km at the widest. The area in Malta is 316 square kilometers. Population figure is now at 405 165. Malta's form of government is Republic, and Malta's capital city is Valletta... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Facts - Canada, Malta, USA, New Zealand and Jamaica

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