Environmental problems - The Global Challenge | Essay

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Environmental problems - The Global Challenge | Essay

Essay som er utviklet rundt temaet "The Global Challenge". Essayet definerer "The Global Challenge" som problemet med å finne en bærekraftig løsning på våre energi- og råvareproblemer.

Essayet er skrevet på engelsk.

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This was a job well done! The content of your text is both interesting and relevant, and you show that you have good knowledge of the topic. In addition, you have structured your argumentation well.

In addition, you communicate quite well and use a fluent language, for the most part. There is still some room for improvement what language is concerned, however. F.ex. you must try to avoid informal expressions, and you must make sure you always use the present tense s and the genitive s correctly.

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Gode, begrunnede argumenter, og interessante opplysninger. Trenger mer formelt språk, og litt grammatisk oppussing.


In this day and age, we, the people of the earth, burn tons upon tons of fossil fuel every single day. In addition we also cut down thousands of acres of rainforest at the same rate. Acid rain, melting of polar ice, extinction of species, and drought are all consequences of these actions. If we let this go unchanged for too much longer, we will destroy our one and only planet. Therefore we have to find a way to make ends meet, without destroying our precious home. That is what the global challenge is all about. It is time to find a solution... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Environmental problems - The Global Challenge | Essay

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    fortjener karakteren fordi det er godt språk og struktur, få feil språklig sett!