Brick Lane av Sarah Gavron | Filmanalyse

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Brick Lane av Sarah Gavron | Filmanalyse

Dette er en filmanalyse av Brick Lane av Sarah Gavron. Denne analysen tar for seg filmens handling, samt litt bakgrunnsinformasjon. Filmanalysen ser i tillegg nærmere på hovedkarakterene i Brick Lane, og samtidig tar den for seg ulike temaer som kommer til uttrykk her.


Brick Lane – a film review

Nazneen is a girl from Bangladesh. At the age of 17, she is forced to marry Chanu Ahmed, who is twice her age. They move to Brick Lane in London (the center of the British Bangladesh community) and leave all their beloved family behind. While Nazneen lives in London she gives birth to two girls called Shahana and Bibi. Nazneen receives a bunch of letters through the movie. They're all from her sister telling her how lovely it is in Bangladesh and how great it is to be in love. These letters keeps Nazneen connected to her childhood in Bangladesh and she has therefor a strong wish of going back. Due to this, the family needs money, so Nazneen starts sewing. A young, good looking clothing worker, called Karim delivers clothes to Nazneen once a week. They soon fall in love with each other and have an affair. Karim becomes a wakeup call for Nazneen; he makes her think of herself, her home and her life differently and a clear turning point appears in the movie. Maybe not the turning point one first expected... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Brick Lane av Sarah Gavron | Filmanalyse

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