Arranged vs. forced marriage | Comparison

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Arranged vs. forced marriage | Comparison

Her finner du en oppgave som handler om forskjellene mellom et arrangert og et tvunget ekteskap. I oppgaven kan du lære mer om hva disse to formene for ekteskap innebærer, og hvilke forskjeller som finnes.


Arranged and forced marriage

Forced and arranged marriages are two different types of marriages. Between them we can see certain differences. Both are still common in certain parts of the world, but the forced marriage is slowly disappearing. Especially in the eastern part of the world, these types of marriages were much used, but they are now replaced by “normal” marriages motivated by love and compassion. To look at pros and cons, we will first need to determine what these concepts mean and consider the main differences between these two.

An arranged marriage is when the family members chose and propose to find a partner for the marriage, but the partners can refuse the proposal. The groom's and the bride's family participate in finding the best partner based on look, religion, wealth and economic and social background. In India, for example, were the cast system is a part of the culture, the arranged marriage is normal; up to 90 % of all weddings in India are arranged. On the other hand, in a forced marriage the rights to refuse and chose are taken away. The girls are often traded against money or something valuable. They are forced to enter the marriage, with an unknown man despite their opinion. As soon as there is some kind of pressure like threats, violence or... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Arranged vs. forced marriage | Comparison

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