Arranged Marriage - Pros and cons

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Essay: Arranged Marriage - Pros and cons

Oppgave i internasjonal engelsk, om fordeler og ulemper med arrangerte ekteskap.

An Indian woman once explained to a Western:
"In your culture, you start your marriage with a great fire, which often slowly burns out. In our culture, marriage starts with a very small fire that we carefully build into a strong and lasting fire."


In a culture where arranged marriage is not so common and not so familiar to everyone either, it is often presented as something negative when it is mentioned in the media. Both the media and normal people are often a bit ethnocentric around this topic, and often confuse arranged marriage with forced marriage; thinking that the girls do not have a choice, and that the parents are forcing them to marry a boy of their choice. But one of the criteria for a marriage to be called an arranged marriage is that both parts have to give their consent, and they must still be willing to go through with it after they have met each other... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Arranged Marriage - Pros and cons

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