Analyse af "Educating Rita" af Willy Russell

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Analyse af "Educating Rita" af Willy Russell

Analyse av Willy Russell's stykke “Educating Rita”.


Essayet tar for seg Characterization of Rita and Frank Rita and Frank's relationship Rita's development Themes The movie compared to the book


Frank tries hard to teach Rita what he finds necessary to know to pass an exam. Though Rita really wants to learn, and looks up to Frank, she has a hard time focussing on the books and starts asking about Frank's personal life and his poetry, as soon as she starts to feel bored.
Frank is strict in his way of teaching, but also patient. He wants to teach her that she must also read books that she doesn't find interesting and that she has to be objective in her criticism of them... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Analyse af "Educating Rita" af Willy Russell

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