Travelling back in time - Novelle på engelsk

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Travelling back in time - Novelle på engelsk

Besvarelse fra tentamen i engelsk som inneholder en selvskreven novelle med tittelen: "Travelling back in time - gone wrong".


17th of August 2000. England.

Well, since the time machine was finally rebuilt after the tragic disaster last year, we've all been longing to try the machine all over again. In only a week we'll be testing the new and improved time machine, hoping for a less traumatic experience than the last time.

As we were hosting a press conference in July concerning the time machine, we were asked a few questions by the journalists:

“Who is going to try out the time machine for the first time after is was finally rebuilt”

“Last week we got a volunteer man, Harnold M. Goldstein. We've said all the time that this is going to be the risk for the one who try the machine, so we're going pay Goldstein one billion.”

“Can you explain how your time machine works?”

“Well, the time machine looks like a round metal ball and it has an old submarine door. Inside there is a simple chair that is welded to the floor and there are also many wires who is attached to a helmet. It is the helmet that make the person go back in time. Before the process starts, a doctor has to operate a memory chip in Goldstein's head to avoid amnesia. Everything he see, hear and... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Travelling back in time - Novelle på engelsk

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  • 07.11.2010
    Beklager, med 5 på denne teksten tror jeg er litt overdrivelse.
  • 11.02.2011
    Skrevet av Elev i 10. klasse
    nice :) jeg fikk en 4 men den var bra for det