Analysis of The Kite Runner | English Essay

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Analysis of The Kite Runner | English Essay

This essay is an analysis in English of "The Kite Runner", written by Khaled Hosseini and published in 2003. The paper includes an analysis of the relationship between Amir and Hassan setting. Furthermore, it looks at narration and theme in the novel.

Write an analysis in which you discuss the roles and tasks in a kite fighting team. Describe how several conflicts between the characters in the novel can be seen as parallels to a kite fighting team. Comment on the narrative perspective in the novel and elaborate on reasons why the writer chose this point of view. In a conclusion, describe what you think is the main theme in this novel and give reasons for claiming so. Use specific examples from the novel to support your arguments.

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Generally, the text content is good, and you demonstrate good observation abilities.
Your written English is easily read, idiomatic and characterized by versatile choice of words. The content is characterized by several episodes and examples that fit your general statements well.


We can easily recognize similarities between the roles in a kite-fighting team, and the relationships between characters in the book. When Amir and Hassan are kite fighting, Amir is the one steering the kite while Hassan holds the spool. The roles are a symbol of social class. Hassan is the one holding the spool and running after the fallen kites for Amir, which is similar to his role at home where he washes Amir's clothes for him and makes his food. Even though Hassan runs and catches the fallen kites, he always gives them back to Amir because they belong to him. Hassan feels victorious when catching a kite, but Amir will always get the honour because he is the one leading the kite. This temporary feeling of success that ... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Analysis of The Kite Runner | English Essay

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    Now this is one of the best analyses i read in my whole life... and i believe that the teacher would be very proud of you...
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    veldig bra, alle de andre tekstene hadde bare det sammma basic infoen, men du tolket veldige mye bra, takk!
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    råbra!! tusen takk skal du ha :)
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    Good writing dude, really useful!

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