The King of Scotland Film analysis

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The King of Scotland Film analysis

Filmanalyse av filmen ''The King of Scotland''.

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The last king of Scotland is a film based on Giles Foden’s novel of the same name, and was directed in Scotland and Uganda by Kevin Macdonald witch is a Scottish director. Macdonald is also known for the films ‘’One Day in September’’, ‘’State of Play’’ and ‘’ Touching the Void’’. The film is based on events that occurred after the brutal man Idi Amin was selected as the president of Uganda, and I consider the theme of this movie as a historical drama. It is a typical film about a leader that takes the commando appearing to be the perfect leader, but after a while it becomes more and more clear what type of person he/she really is... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

The King of Scotland Film analysis

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