Drøfting | Rasisme i filmen Crash

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Discussion: Drøfting | Rasisme i filmen Crash

Teksten er skrevet til faget internasjonal engelsk og tar utganspunkt i filmen "Crash". Teksten bruker filmen som utgangspunkt til å diskutere rasisme, stereotypier og fordommer. Teksten bruker sener fra filmen for å belyse temaet.


Crash is a movie that is related to the United States and a multicultural society. The film contains an important topic such as race racism. Racism is revealed through the lives of different people according to prejudices and stereotypes. The title “Crash” refers to the different reactions we experience when we “crash” with other people who have different nationalities.

Crash shows stories that are related to racism. Racism comes from people who think that we are totally determined by the environment. Therefore, if our parents were racial discriminators, there is a good chance that we will be racists too because we were born in that particular environment. But there are also other environmental influences that can lead to racism, such as history, friends and happenings... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Drøfting | Rasisme i filmen Crash

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