Social Equality: Write a short story - 3c Høst 2010

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Social Equality: Write a short story - 3c Høst 2010

Følgende har du Studienetts besvarelse av oppgave 3c i del 2 gitt til eksamen i engelsk fellesfag høsten 2010. (Social Equality)

Oppgaven inneholder Studienetts besvarelse av oppgaven, tilsvarende karakteren 6, med tilhørende kommentarer som viser deg hvordan du selv får en god karakter.

Oppgaven svarer på oppgaveformuleringen:
Write a short story set in an English-speaking country in which the lack of social equality plays an important part.

NB: De utdypende kommentarene er på dansk


A little white lie
If he turned left now, he had just enough time to walk down West View Lane before the bus would leave for the city. He liked looking over the small white fences into the neatly mowed lawns and glance at the beautiful houses. Except for the different shades of color they almost all looked identical. Not one of them stood out and everything seemed calm and safe here. If he was lucky, he might even see a child playing in the backyard or get a glimpse through the gauzy curtains of a woman preparing dinner for her family in the kitchen. The straps of his school bag chafed his shoulders, but he didn´t mind. His mum had said that it would get better once he got used to wearing it. He had carefully tucked away the name tag so that no one would ask about his address. He walked around this neighborhood every day after school and imagined his own family living in one of the houses. His dad sure wasn`t coming back to live with them, but he couldn`t help imagining him pulling his car into the garage and getting out to play with him and his brothers on the green grass... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Social Equality: Write a short story - 3c Høst 2010

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