Racism in the USA

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Racism in the USA

Et essay om rasisme i USA per idag :)

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As a nation founded on the principle of ”survival of the fittest”, the United States of America has undoubtedly faced massive issues regarding racism and segregation through its history. All the way from African slavery, through quotas, to the assasination of one of the world's most talented minds, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. racism has cast its mindset upon the whole nation that is known as ”The land of oppurtunity”. Are they still facing challenges after several hundred years of oppression?

The US has (I presumed we were talking about several states as opposed to one nation, therefore have) come a long way in terms of segregation, tolerance and racism. A lot of it thanks to brilliant characters throughout American History. When Rosa Parks refused to move for the white American, she would start a battle that was won, with assistance from thousands of blacks, and a portion of sympathy from whites as well. The Voting Rights Act of 1965, was a milestone for the blacks, and lead to a more rapid progression of the black's rights, and today the most comprehensive differences are wiped out, as far as rights and laws go, and interracial marriages are becoming more and more approved... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Racism in the USA

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    Grei å ha med seg på prøver om dette er det de spør om. Noen skrive feil men ellers bra
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    Veldig mye feil, øv mer på grammatikk og setningoppbygning.
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    good :) easy to read and understand
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    En spennende og veldig god tekst!