ICT in school and the English language

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ICT in school and the English language

En oppgave fra en fagdag i engelsk hvor vi skulle svare på eksamen fra 2010, ICT i school. Jeg har svart på oppgave 1a, 1b, 2b og 3a.

1a, 1b og 2b gir svar på oppgavene. 3a mener jeg er et passe langt og reflektert essay som tar for seg og gir eksempler på hvorfor det å beherske engelsk er så viktig.

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An impressive performance! Just a tiny whisker away from a near native use of English. Be proud of yourself!


1b) So, the conclusion seems to be, that using ICT in school can be very useful in teaching, especially for those who are interested in learning and for those who are using ICT as a part of their education. The computer may perhaps be the greatest invention of the last 100 years. Without the computer, many jobs today would be impossible. Nevertheless, ICT can be a distraction for those who are more interested in chatting, playing games and surfing irrelevant websites. I think the solution seems to be to find a balance between working orally, using each other's knowledge, and working on the Internet. The students must be disciplined, and the teachers have to know how to use the technology. In the end, most people agree with the statement “Having a good teacher is miles better than a computer any day”... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

ICT in school and the English language

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