Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina

In depth study.

What were the effects and consequences of the hurricane, and in what way did the government help New Orleans during and after the disaster?


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August 28, year 2005, is a day we will not forget. The day Katrina came and hit the Gulf Region of the United States. It was a massive hurricane, and as it approached the coast it was a category 5. It hit land as a category 4, and one of the most affected cities was New Orleans in Louisiana. That is why I am going to tell more about exactly this city, and what kind of effects' and consequences it made, and what the government did to help during and after the disaster.
How did it happen?
A storm was formed on August 23 on the islands of Bahamas off the coast to Florida. At first it had no name, but over the next two days the storm gained strength so that it could be called a hurricane, and was a category 1. As it passed the coast of Florida, it already started to make damage, and people were killed. Even if this situation was very bad, it was getting worse. It passed the Gulf of Mexico, and became a category 5 hurricane on August 28 with 282 km per hour. This is the most powerful kind of hurricane.
New Orleans were one of the area the hurricane was going to hit. The people living there, over 1,3 million, had more to worry about than just the hurricane. New Orleans is very low-lying, and most parts of the city are under the water level, and are nearly surrounded by the... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Hurricane Katrina

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