English politic and history

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English politic and history

Inneholder engelsk politikk og historie.
Det handler om migration i england ogom stemmerett.

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Use your vote
In the UK the system works a bit different than in Norway. This could be positive and negative, depends what you vote for.

In each constituencies there is a certain amount of people, and the people who are eligible to vote, is voting for the person from a party that they want to sit in the house of commons. They have 646 constituencies in the UK at the moment. One person from each constituencies will make it to the house of commons, which means there are 646 members in the house of commons. This amount of people change due to increased population. You have different party's to vote for, we will sort them out by size, so we are putting the really small party's into one group we call «Other». The other party's we got is Labour, the Conservatives and the liberal democrats. When the people vote in each constituencies, it's «the winner takes it all». If 49% vote for Labour, 3% vote for The conservatives, and 48% votes for the liberal democrats, the Labour takes it all, they gets their person to the house of commons. The other party's wont be represented from that constiatuencies. Is that the way to do it?, or should they consider doing it another way... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

English politic and history

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