English as the new lingua franca

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Essay: English as the new lingua franca

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"“Lingua franca” is Latin and stands for “fake French”. It started out as a language between merchant`s so that they could understand each other. Later “lingua franca” was used as a description for a common language, in a region with many different mother tongues. We have several constructed languages, such as Esperanto and Ido. These languages were constructed to be a kind of help-language, to get a better understanding amongst the people in the world. Ido is an approved version of Esperanto, and is spoken only by 2000 people. English is considered to be the main “lingua franca” now, and i think it will stay that way for a long time. In this essay i am going to write about whether or not English are going to be the world`s only “lingua franca”."

English as the new lingua franca

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