English Mock exam

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Article: English Mock exam

Engelsk tentamen: Task 1a,b,c Task 2a og Task 3b

Task 1a: Write the best alternative:

Will fell in love on New Year's Eve, and the experience took him completely (1) by / with / in / at / on surprise. ...

TASK 1b: Write the correct alternative

1. What did Rasha suggest that they do?

TASK 1c: In the interview below Liz Bennet is asked if she uses a computer at all. Read her answer. Show that you have understood the text by indicating whether the statements about Liz Bennet are TRUE, FALSE or if there is NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION to answer. Write your answer as shown in the box on a separate answer sheet

Task 2a:

a) The following extract is based on Teacher Man by Frank McCourt, who worked as a high school teacher in New York for 30 years. Here the author tries to recreate in writing the spoken language of some Puerto Rican teenagers in his class. Maria, Claudia and Serena are three of them.

Find four types of non-standard English in this excerpt and suggest correct versions. Choose two of your examples and explain why they are non-standard.

Task 3 (ikke fra eksamensoppgave)


I am a part of the minority group, am I lucky? Article about language.

"In the society we live in today, there are not only Norwegians living in Norway, or only Danes living in Denmark, but there is also a growing number of minority groups immigrating to the West, in hope of a better life. These immigrants are not only bringing their language, but also their culture and their way of life. The minority groups do not only have advantages, but they also encounter problems in the new society they are a part of. It is some of these advantages and problems I will discuss in this article."

English Mock exam

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