Visiting, studying and/or working in an English-speaking country | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2009

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Visiting, studying and/or working in an English-speaking country | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2009

Løsningsforslag til eksamensoppgaver i engelsk fellesfag Vår 2009, 20.05.2009 om emnet "Visiting, studying and/or working in an English-speaking country".

Løsningen er myntet på elever og privatister som vil forberede seg til eksamen i engelsk.

Oppgaven indeholder utvidede løsninger til:
*Del 1 oppgave 1A og 1B
*Del 1 oppgave 2A og 2B
*Del 2
Oppgave 3A (Write a text where you discuss the challenges a Norwegian worker in an occupation of your choice would face, and what he/she would stand to gain from working in an English-speaking country)
Oppgave 3B (Write a feature article for a travel magazine about visiting, studying and/or working in an English–speaking society of your choice. Your article should include the social conditions you witnessed and the values you found to be important to the people there)
Oppgave 3C (You are planning a visit to an English-speaking country to learn about its society and, most importantly, to improve your English. You have been asked to give a talk about your plans.
Write the manuscript for your talk. Specify the audience you have chosen)

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Løsning til Task 1B
Experience a diverse metropolis first-hand in the city where Eastern meets Western tradition. Hong Kong offers a wide selection of career opportunities, and is always ready to welcome you as part of its bustling life and culture. Whether you are interested in finance, arts, technology, culture, teaching etc., Hong Kong will fully live up to your expectations. A modern city shaped not only by tradition, but also by innovation and modernity, something that makes Hong Kong unique. A part from welcoming you with numerous job and career opportunities, and an exciting cultural life, Hong Kong also has plenty of memorable attractions within its compact area. Visit The Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha which are among the most awe-inspiring. Whether you are a nature lover, a night-owl or a cultural explorer, Hong Kong will satisfy your every desire. Venture into a city with an enormous range of diverse and exciting things to see and experience. Discover what Hong Kong has to offer today.
Løsning af Task A
Making a Difference
Knut Bjørnstein's experiences as a doctor in a small hospital in Mumbai, has taught him a lot about himself, Indian culture and has made him more appreciative of how the Norwegian hospital service functions.
Bjørnstein decided to go to Mumbai on his last year of medical school because he had always had a dream of making a difference. He felt an urge to test his newly acquired skills in a country different from his own and to help people less fortunate than himself and Norwegians in general.
Not as expected
But working in a small Indian hospital proved very different than anything Bjørnstein was prepared for. The medical equipment wasn't anywhere near the standard Bjørnstein was used to, the staff wasn't as well educated as in Norway and rarely spoke an English that he could understand. Especially the nightshifts were something Bjørnstein dreaded because at night it was never easy. A protracted labor or a complicated caesarean with the constant fear that the lights would go out, wasn't anything that Bjørnstein had expected. He would scrub up and try to remember what he had learned before he with thick surgical... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Visiting, studying and/or working in an English-speaking country | Engelsk fellesfag eksamen | Vår 2009

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