Dear John by Nicholas Sparks | Review

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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks | Review

Bookreview of "Dear John" fra 2007.

Boken er skrevet av Nicholas Sparks.

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Excellent content, very good language.

Enkelte sproglige og grammatiske feil.


Nicholas Sparks, a successful writer who has written many beautiful love stories based on the theme of redemption, loss and emotion. Themes that concern us most, which is also the reason for several bestsellers.

Nicholas Sparks takes us back in time and tells us about the main character John and his life. About when he grew up with his, emotional and very absent father who has a strange fondness for coins and a limited ability to communicate with other people. John and his father have never had a good relationship, and when John once told his father how uninterested he was of his coin collection, they had nothing to talk about either. Instead of coins, John likes to engage his time surfing at the beach, but as a typical teenage boy he dropped out of school, ended up in the wrong crowd and started drinking out in the evenings. Without knowing what... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks | Review

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