Charley Mopps

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Eventyr: Charley Mopps

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A long time ago way back in hisory there was a bear named Charley Mopps. He lived in a huge spruce cottage with a fire place and some funiture. One day in the middle of the winter, Mrs. Mopps went for a walk. She met a giant in the forest. The giant asked her where her husband was.
- I`am going to pay back the barley I have borrowed from him
- He´s at the back of the house chopping wood, you could look for him there
- Thanks, I´ll look for him there,he said, and walked away with a rumble. Mrs. Mopps had intented to see the good witch, Kate, who made herbal medicine. Mary knocked on the door and the old witch appeared in the door way.
- Hello, dear.
- Hello Kate, I´ve been looking for some herbs, but I couldn´t even find a little thyme.
- I´am sure you have som herbs for me.
- Yes of course I do, come on in.
- You see, my cat is sick and she needs some medicine. The witch gave the bear a nice bundle of sage. When they sat down and talked together, charley got anxious for his... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Charley Mopps

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  • 18.04.2012
    Skrevet av Elev på Vg1
    Bra innhold og godt språk!
  • 31.05.2012
    Skrevet av Elev i 9. klasse
    Kort men bra, litt skrivefeil