Book review - Perfect Chemistry

Oppgaven er kvalitetssikret av redaksjonen på
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Book review - Perfect Chemistry

Oppgaven inneholder anmeldelse av boken ''Perfect Chemistry''.

Oppgaven er skrevet på engelsk og forteller om handlingen og personene i boken.

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Your text has three paragraphs. It you look at the points to be included you see that there are eight. All of them do not need a separate paragraph, but you should have had at least five. You must try to develop your points better, for instance the two about contents and characters.

Apart from leaving out a and the in many cases, your language is ok, so please try to spend a little more time on the points you want to include and how to structure them.

- on 23 December
- in December
- book's = bokens
- books = bøker
- this book = denne boken
- a person who (not which)
- en gresk gudinne = a Greek godess (goodness = godhet)

NB! please remember not to use contractions in compositions = can't, doesn't, he's etc


Tony's Story takes place in the area of Albuquerque, on and around an Acoma Pueblo reservation. The story is based on a true story that took place in the area in 1948, so this is most probably the time of the story too.

Tony is a young Native American man who has lived on the reservation all his life. His way of thinking is strongly influenced by the traditional ways of his tribe. He is superstitious, believing in dreams and signs. He seems to be softer than Leon, seeing his friend as a troublemaker. Still, Tony is the one who fires the gun in the end... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Book review - Perfect Chemistry

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