Bend It Like Beckham | Analyse

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Bend It Like Beckham | Analyse

Inneholder resyme av filmen "Bend It Like Beckham", samt en liten disskussjon om emnet; Is it true that parents don't always know what's best for their children?


Is it true that parents don't always know what's best for their children?
Maybe, but most parents want the best for their kids and help them in any way they can.

Well, I believe that it depends a lot of the situation. Of course if your kid wants to spend a year on traveling across the United States with only a handbag and a bit of money, then I see a obviously reason to say no. But it is quite other thing, if for an example it is a sport your kid want to go to. Even though it might be boxing or diving. If that is really what your kid is burning for, I can't see any reason to deny it, unless you don't have the money for it.
A thing like deciding whom your kid is allowed to play with is a thing that I believe they should have the possibility to choose on their own. It's really sad for the kids whose parents have forced them to do ballet or gymnastic since they were four or five. What if it isn't what the kids want when they grow older? What if they don't dare to contradict their parents?
On the other hand it can't be healthy. I think most people have heard about how obsessed these gymnastic girls can be, about doing the best they can.


The movie
The movie is about an Indian girl called Jess, who loves David Beckham and to play football. Her mom and dad had let her play all that she had wanted, when she was younger, but now her sister, Pinky, is getting married and Jess' mom think that Jess should be too. She also believes that no man will have her, if she keeps on playing. But Jess keeps on playing in the park with her friends in spite of her mother's premonitions. One day the girl Jules contact Jess in the park, while she is playing. Jules would like Jess to start at Hounslow Harriers women's Team. After a tryout she joins the... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

Bend It Like Beckham | Analyse

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