American Beauty

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Filmanalyse: American Beauty

Oppgaven inneholder en analyse av filmen American Beauty, vinklet inn på Jane og Angela. Det er noen gramatiske feil, og tankegangen bak språket blir litt "for norsk" til tider.


After watching the film American Beauty, you have gotten to know two girls, Jane and Angela. The two girls are both 17 years old, and go to high school. In high school they are like most girls their age; They are cheerleaders, they smoke, they fall in love, and they argue with their families. They are like every other teenagers, but still, you can find a lot of differences. Are these girls like any typical teenage-girls? and what are the differences between them?

Angela Hayes is the blond girl. She has the perfect body that every girl envy her for, though almost nobody actually likes her. She smokes, and she's got the boys attention under control. She makes a lot of herself, and she let people know how she feels about them, which is mostly negative. She's doing what many teenage-girls have done before her, she's breaking down other girls to make herself feel better. Watching the film, you soon start to wonder what she's doing being friends with Jane. At first it might seem that Jane is lucky to be friends with Angela who is so popular with the boys, and so pretty, but in the end, you realize it's the opposite…If you can call what they have, a... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

American Beauty

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