About a boy

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Romananalyse: About a boy

Sammendrag og analyse av Nick Hornby's roman "About a boy".


Being a parent is not always as simple as it might appear to be. Every young healthy person can get - or make someone - pregnant and have a baby, but to bring up a child is far more complicated. There are no specific rules or a precise way of raising a child and the methods of upbringing are therefore very different.
Disagreement about the correct way of rearing a child often arises between the two parents, but to be completely alone about it is undoubtedly much harder. The extract from “About a boy” by Nick Hornby is an example of this.
In the extract the young boy, Marcus, has just been transferred from a school in Cambridge to a new one in London. Marcus' father has left his mother and Marcus has moved to London with his mother who has got a new job there... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

About a boy

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