A day in the life of Eric | Short story

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A day in the life of Eric | Short story

Write a short story inspired by the movie Rabbit Proof Fence.

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Well done. You've written an authentic story where the reader gets a glimpse into black people's hardship. It's good that you make use of words like “kaffer”. I'm also pleased that you write descriptions.


I have always wondered what would happen to the future, and what the future would do to me. I always found philosophizing tranquillizing to my pain, the pain of feeling injustice
I could stand in the front of the mirror, looking at my reflected image and just stare. My mother used to tell me that coloured people, black people, had few opportunities but she always kept telling me that if I moved in the right direction, I could change the world. The words falling out of my mother's mouth is like a tape playing on repeat, “the greatest thing in this world is that is does not too matter much where you are, but in what direction you are moving”. I kept forcing myself to believe that she was right; the thought of waiting for proof that she was wrong was depressing.

I could feel a gentle morning breeze. The sun was shining through my window, leaving a bright, warming, yellow light on my room. I could feel the heat of it. Particles of dust were drifting in the air, enlightened by the sun.
“Eric, you have to wake up now!” a woman yelled through the wall of another room, “Eric!”. She started to knock on the wall. “Yes, I am awake. And yes, I am coming. Please give me five minutes and I will be out of this room,” I yelled, trying to make my voice go through the wall. “You better be,” she confirmed.
I love my sister. My sister is the only family I have. My family have fought for blacks civil rights. I do not know where my father is. Once my mother told me that my father emigrated to a better country and is living a better life now, then other times she told me that he was... Kjøp tilgang for å lese mer

A day in the life of Eric | Short story

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